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Immediate dentures, also known as temporary dentures, offer patients a chance to correct missing or extracted teeth without the wait. Dentists use this procedure to help people benefit from the form and function of dentures right away. Immediate dentures are an alternative to conventional dentures that can be placed directly after a tooth extraction procedure.

Immediate dentures are available at Farmington Family Dentistry in Farmington and the surrounding area. We use this procedure after a patient’s teeth are lost or require removal. Such dentures are often used as placeholders while waiting on conventional dentures.

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How Immediate Dentures Differ From Complete Dentures

Both conventional, complete dentures, and immediate dentures are custom-made for patients using a mold of their mouth. Full dentures are molded to the mouth after tooth extraction, and immediate dentures are molded before the extraction.

While this means immediate dentures may be made ready in advance, it also means the fit may be less than ideal. The gums and jaw may change shape following extraction as they heal, which may mean that the temporary dentures will require further adjustments. Immediate dentures may also be less affordable in many cases.

“Complete dentures are molded to the mouth after tooth extraction, and immediate dentures are molded before the extraction.”

When You Should Get Immediate Dentures

A patient may opt for immediate dentures when it would be inconvenient, damaging, or painful to live without teeth while waiting for permanent dentures. For example, a patient with a history of sensitive teeth may prefer to have temporary dentures following an extraction to protect the remaining teeth. The natural teeth will be subject to less pressure while eating as a result of the dentures.

However, the most common reasons for getting immediate dentures, according to the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation, are aesthetic and social. Many people prefer not to live without teeth while waiting to be ready for complete dentures or implants. Immediate dentures provide a solution to this need.

“A patient may opt for immediate dentures when it would be inconvenient, damaging, or painful to live without teeth.”

The Immediate Dentures Process

The process of getting immediate dentures is similar in many ways to getting conventional dentures. The dentist makes a mold of the oral cavity and uses the mold to create the dentures.

The immediate dentures process differs primarily due to when it happens: before the tooth extraction. According to the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics, it may take four to five visits to complete the fabrication process. The process involves making impressions, selecting teeth, and, in some cases, trying on the back teeth.

“The process of getting immediate dentures is similar in many ways to getting conventional dentures.”

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Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures give patients an option to avoid going without teeth for an extended time. Farmington Family Dentistry can help advise patients on the benefits and drawbacks of temporary dentures on a case-by-case basis. These are some of the reasons someone may choose to receive immediate dentures:

  • Instant results. The most significant benefit for many patients is the lack of a wait. Most people do not want to go a noticeable amount of time without being able to smile. Immediate dentures provide a way to skip the typical several-week wait during permanent denture fabrication.
  • More comfortable following extraction. Temporary dentures can provide protection for patients with sensitive teeth or gums, making the recovery period following extraction more comfortable. However, the dentures need to be regularly adjusted to maintain comfort.
  • More direct duplication of natural teeth. It is easier for a dentist to more accurately duplicate the shape, color, and arrangement of natural teeth while some are still present—especially significant for complete immediate dentures. For patients who want to preserve the quality of their smiles, this can be a substantial benefit.

“Immediate dentures give patients an option for avoiding going without teeth for an extended time.”

Post-Treatment Care

Upon receiving immediate dentures, there are post-treatment practices that involve both care and maintenance to keep the dentures in place and functioning properly. Immediately after treatment, dentures should be kept in the mouth for at least 24-48 hours to allow the underlying tissues to better heal into the shape of the denture. After that, dentures should be removed to clean and when sleeping.

To keep the dentures clean and well-maintained, they should be kept in a cup or container filled with clean, cold water. They can be cleaned with salt water rinses as well. Ensure that the mouth is also clean before inserting the dentures. Finally, routine dental checkups should be adhered to in order to ensure that the dentures fit well.

“Immediately after treatment, dentures should be kept in the mouth for at least 24-48 hours to allow the underlying tissues to better heal into the shape of the denture.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are immediate dentures right for everyone?

A. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for immediate dentures. Some patients should not receive them due to general health or specific oral conditions. A dentist can provide personalized advice on whether this procedure is the right choice for you.

Q. Do I need to get temporary dentures?

A. No, you do not typically need to get temporary dentures following an extraction. Some patients prefer them for aesthetic reasons. In some cases, a dentist may recommend them to help protect the healing area of the gums and any remaining teeth.

Q. Are immediate dentures partial or complete?

A. Immediate dentures may be partial or complete. If they are complete dentures, the dentist may extract the back teeth first to allow for a more accurate fit without any noticeable gaps. Partial dentures are usually fit based on bite impressions and adjustment.

Q. Are immediate dentures always temporary dentures?

A. According to WebMD, immediate dentures require significant adjustment, as the gums and jaw may move during the healing process. Generally, they should only be considered temporary dentures. However, in some cases, patients may keep them permanently.

Q. How soon after a tooth extraction procedure can I receive immediate dentures?

A. Immediate dentures can be placed immediately after tooth extraction because they are created beforehand. The only limiting factor is the healing of the extraction site.

Q. Where can I get immediate dentures?

A. Most dentists who provide dentures can also offer immediate dentures. Farmington Family Dentistry can give patients further information about immediate denture procedures. Ask about temporary dentures at least several weeks before the extraction.

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Denture Terminology

Alveolar Bone
The alveolar bone is the bone surrounding the root of the tooth that keeps the tooth in place.
A clasp is a device that holds a removable partial denture prosthesis to the teeth.
CAD/CAM Dental Software
CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided design and computer- aided manufacturing dental software that creates a detailed image of teeth to enhance the process for customizing various dental restorations.
Customized Dentures
Customized dentures are dentures specifically designed to fit a patient’s mouth instead of having the patient wear generic dentures that do not fit properly.
Denture Base
The denture base is the part of the denture that connects the artificial teeth with the soft tissue of the gums.
Denture Digital Manufacturing
Denture digital manufacturing involves using digital scanning technology to develop and manufacture personalized dentures for an individual patient.
Edentulous is a term that applies to people who do not have any teeth.
Final Denture Prostheses
The final denture prostheses is the final set of dentures the professionals place during the procedure. These dentures will usually be an exact fit to the patient’s jaw.
Intraoral Scan
An intraoral can helps provide the necessary details and 3D imaging professionals need to ensure they create an exact restoration for the patient’s mouth.
Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease is a condition that causes inflammation of the gingival tissues and membrane of the teeth, leading to tooth loss without professional treatment.
Pontic is another term for an artificial tooth on a fixed partial denture.
Rebase is the process of refitting denture prosthesis by replacing the base material.
Reline is when a professional resurfaces the surface of the prosthesis with a new base material.
Resin and Acrylic are resinous materials that can be components in a denture base.
Stomatitis is the inflammation of the tissue that is underlying a denture that does not fit properly. It can also result from other oral health factors.

Learn More About Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are a great way to avoid the physical and social discomfort of missing teeth. Our team is ready to help you determine if this is a good option for you. Call Farmington Family Dentistry at (505) 295-4075 to set up an appointment in Farmington and learn more.

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